Parent involvement is included in our Charter and must be accounted for; 40 Volunteer Hours per registered student.

If there are multiple students in your family you will add 10 hours for each additional student. For example, a family with 3 registered students would be asked to participate in 60 hours of volunteer efforts over the course of one school year (40 for the first child, 10 for the second, 10 for the third).


There are many ways to earn Volunteer Hours; participating in school events, donating classroom supplies, monetary donations, etc. For monetary donations, every $10 = 1 hour.

Volunteer hours are usually performed by Parents but we will also accept hours by family and friends who volunteer on your student's behalf. Log these hours the same as you would if you had performed them yourself.

How to Enter Completed Volunteer Hours:

1.Login to Compass http://my.spectrumcharter.org


2.Select the "Volunteer Log” link on the left

3.Select either "Organization” or “Faculty" depending on what type of hours you completed. Then select the name of the organization or faculty member from the drop-down list on the right. (If you have made a monetary donation on our website, at an event or to a DonorsChoose project, choose "Faculty" then select "Amy Baker") 

4.Type in the date you completed the hours, how many hours you worked, and a description of your work. (Hours for monetary donations are calculated as $10 = 1 Hour)


5.Select "Save". 

Once you have recorded your hours, you will see the volunteer hours log history for your reference.