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NSL Background Check Information - REQUIRED TO VOLUNTEER

To Volunteer or Chaperone at Spectrum Academy you will need to have a Federal Background check. 
Note: State background checks no longer qualify.

Federal background check information for NSL Police Department:

  • Before going to NSL Police Department, you will need to pick up from the Spectrum Academy office manager, a signed Request for Electronic Application background check and pay the processing fee of $35.75. 

  • At the NSL Police Department there will be a fee of $10 ($5.00 if you are a NSl Resident) for fingerprints, payable in cash, personal check, VISA or MasterCard, money order, or cashier's check. 

  • A valid form of government issued picture ID must accompany the request. Utah Driving Privilege Cards will NOT be accepted as valid ID. 

  • Federal Background check could take up to (2) weeks.

  • NSL Police Department Fingerprint hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays. You do not need an appointment.

Important Information:

  • If completed as stated above, through Spectrum with NSL Police Department, the federal Background check is valid as long as your student(s) are with Spectrum Academy. 

  • If you have a federal background through another school you can request a rapback (fee of $10.00) to share the information.

  • If you already have a federal (teacher, state employee, concealed carry, etc...) they are not applicable. All information has to be trackable/shared and at this time only schools have this capability.

  • Please remember that you can apply the cost of your background fees towards your volunteer hours through compass.​

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