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Late Start

Hello Spectrum Families,

The National Weather Service and local weather experts are letting us know that it is a dangerous commute this morning. Consequently, Spectrum Academy is issuing a two-hour late start today Wednesday, December 15thth, 2021. We have also been monitoring the national weather service, as well as the surrounding school districts.

School will begin at the following times:

NSL STARS: Carpool 10:15, Start 10:30 am

NSL Elementary: Carpool 10:15, Start 10:30 am

NSL Intermediate: Start time 10 am

NSL High School: Doors open 10:15, Start 10:40 am

PG HS-MS and STARS: Starts at 10:15 am

PG Elementary: Start time 10:45 am

As always, our primary concern is the safety of your family. Please remember that we encourage staff and parents to employ discretion and personal judgment in the event that travel to school may be too dangerous given the weather conditions. If you feel that you simply cannot make it to school safely, parents, please contact us and we will work with you. We realize that we have families traveling from many different areas of the valley and will take that into account.

For Pleasant Grove location: Panther care will not be available this morning.

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