SA5K Service Ideas

  1. Walk dogs for elderly or infirm neighbors.
    If someone is temporarily unable to care for a pet, take the extra step to spend some time with that person as well. The pet’s owner may be feeling isolated or lonely.

  2. Visit with elderly or infirm neighbors.
    A nearby house of worship may be able to connect you with people in your community who have trouble leaving the house and would benefit from short, regular visits. You can also help rake leaves, shovel snow, or bring food.

  3. Prepare or serve meals at a local soup kitchen.
    Click here to help you identify soup kitchens in Utah. Interact with recipients of the program or prep meals in the kitchen.

  4. Help younger students with homework after school.
    The rules and policies around this will vary from place to place, but if there is a subject that you excel in, consider offering help to younger students who may not have access to tutors. Your local Y or a teacher at your school should be able to connect you with students in need.

  5. If you have a car, offer to grocery shop for an elderly or infirm person.
    Getting to the grocery store can be expensive and cumbersome. This simple task may take less than an hour of your time per week but will make a huge difference in someone’s life.

  6. Help an older person with technology.
    Your local library or retirement community may be able to pair you up with a senior citizen who needs help setting up email, talking to their grandchildren online, or completing a task you think is incredibly simple given that you grew up with technology.

  7. Provide free child care to family members or friends.
    If you’re responsible and experienced with children, helping with child care can be a fun way to help out a member of your family or the community.

  8. Fundraise for Spectrum Academy.
    Create a personal SA5K Fundraising Page and share it on social media.

  9. Help out at an animal shelter.
    Many surrendered animals need attention from humans. Look into volunteer opportunities that may include walking dogs, petting cats, or cleaning cages. The Humane Society of Utah is a great place to start.

  10. Hand out socks to homeless neighbors.
    Fill a new pair of socks with granola bars and water bottles. Then hand them off to people who are homeless in your community or nearby city. Click here for a directory of Utah Homeless Shelters.

  11. Make a difference for a member of the military or veterans.
    The Red Cross Holidays for Heroes program enables Americans to “Give Something That Means Something” this holiday season and other holidays year-round. We are inviting the public to join their local Red Cross offices to thank and recognize members of the military, veterans, and their families through a variety of activities. Please check with your local Red Cross office for details.

  12. Volunteer at Primary Children's Hospital or other local hospitals.
    In addition to hospitals, schools and community centers in underserved communities are also in need of volunteers or material donations.

  13. Brighten your neighbors day by leaving a nice note or treat at their door.
    Who doesn't need a little pick-me-up every now and then? You can feel good knowing you put a smile on someone's face that day.

  14. Donate old clothes or toys.
    You’ve likely outgrown a few pairs of pants or amassed toys you no longer use. Clean out your closets and give away gently-used items to your local Deseret Industries or Salvation Army. (You may need to make an appointment to deliver your items.)

  15. Donate to a Classroom on
    Teachers all over the country, including Spectrum Academy Teachers, have created projects with items they need for their classrooms. Search by your teacher's last name and donate to their project today. 

  16. Volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah matches the children we serve with professionally supported volunteers who provide positive mentoring relationships to help children realize their potential. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah matches the children we serve with professionally supported volunteers who provide positive mentoring relationships to help children realize their potential.

  17. Volunteer at MakeAWish Utah.
    Our volunteers make wishes come true! We have over 200 volunteers spread across the state of Utah ranging in age from 16-82 and help in various positions. Ready to join our team?

  18. Get your hands dirty in a community garden.
    If you enjoy being outdoors, supporting a community garden is a great way to give back while also meeting new people. Community gardens can vary from flower beds to vegetable gardens to homes for live chickens! Don’t have one nearby? Consider starting one of your own!

  19. Teach English to immigrants.
    The ESLC serves adult refugees and immigrants by providing them with free ESL and skills-based classes throughout Salt Lake County

  20. Get involved in local politics.
    You may or may not be old enough to vote, but you can begin to learn about the democratic process by volunteering for elected officials during their campaign, or at a polling station on election day.

  21. Coach youth sports.
    If there is a sport you enjoy, consider spending some time with younger players to improve their confidence and skill.

  22. Offer free music lessons.
    For many families, music lessons don’t fit inside the household budget. Yet exposing children to the arts can help them identify a new talent or passion. Reach out to your friends and family to see if they know of anyone who could use some free lessons.

  23. Make dog toys out of old t-shirts.
    Then donate them to a local shelter.

  24. Create Your Own
    Think of a person or purpose that's important to you and create a way to serve.


Thank you to our Community Partners that support Spectrum Academy.



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