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Parents of Juniors and Seniors!

Good afternoon.

We are now accepting applications for Davis Technical College for the 2nd semester. If your student is already attending, you can ignore this email. I have attached the application. Please note that there are items in this packet needing to be completed by the student, a parent/guardian, and the student's advisor. You will also need to go on a tour of DTC. We are going to try to arrange a group tour for students interested, but it may not be until the spring. So you will need to contact DTC directly to set up a tour. But they are usually pretty good to take walk-ins.

All pages must be completed before being turned into the front office. The due date is listed on the front page of the form (Friday, October 29th). If you have read through the whole application packet and you still have questions, please email me ( Here are some basic requirements:

- Must be in 11th or 12th grade

- Must be at a reading and math level of 6th grade or higher

- Must be on track to graduate (if not far behind, I'm usually willing to negotiate)

- Must not have major behavior concerns

If your student plans to apply, please start thinking about their desired schedule as well. For example, some students attend each morning, then come here in the afternoon for their Spectrum classes. We have some students who drive themselves here in the morning, then drive to the DTC after 2nd period. We also have students who only attend on A or B day, then come to Spectrum for the opposite day. Some programs vary in how they run. For example, our Culinary students have to attend on full A or B days because of how the program is run.


Ashley Rigby

Spectrum Academy High School Counselor

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