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Pleasant Grove Secondary School 7-12th

School Lunch - PG Secondary

Welcome to Online Ordering with Spectrum Academy!
Meals are easily ordered through our online ordering system.

Free meals for EVERYONE is no longer offered but you can still qualify for free or reduced price meals.

Click on the Month and choose from the following options: - Select a month to see lunch options, sign your students up for school lunch, or sign up for milk. This can be done as far in advance as you like. - Select Cafeteria Account Deposit Instructions to learn how to deposit money into your students lunch account. To review these instructions click here . - Select Free and Reduced application If you need to apply for free and reduced lunch. All you need to do now is deposit money into your students account, and when they want to eat lunch in the cafeteria and you are all set. Two reminders: Please note that all funds deposited into this account will be available for all students in your family account. In order to avoid credit card fees deposits/payments must be at least $20.00. We are offering breakfast and Lunch at the North Salt Lake and Pleasant Grove Campuses at the following prices: ● Breakfast: ○ Student reduced price .30 ○ Student Full Price 1.75 ● Lunch: ○ Student Reduced price .40 ○ Student Full price 2.95

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Chrissy Lewis

Breakfast Menu & Order Forms

Lunch Menu & Order Forms

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