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Hello Spectrum Academy Families! PICTURE DAY IS COMING UP! I am Cami Turpin with Blue Hill Images, and I am so excited to be doing your school portraits this year! I have loved working with Spectrum Academy Pleasant Grove for the last several years, and with the seniors at the NSL campus for the last couple years as well. I can't wait to spend a little time with each of your students and I hope to capture each of their unique personalities in their portraits. These school portraits are a little different than you might be used to with traditional school picture companies. Please review the attached flyer to learn more about these fine art style portraits, what your students should wear, and what to expect when ordering. (No purchase is necessary in advance.) Please make sure you know which day we will be in your school! The picture days are as follows: High School: Monday, September 13 STARS: Tuesday, September 14 Intermediate: Wednesday, September 15 Elementary School: Thursday, September 16 These dates are also listed on the flyer attached to this email, along with some additional information and pricing options. Please note that digital files are printable, full-resolution files that can also be shared with family or on social media. There will be a retake day on October 26 for anyone who missed picture day, or who would just like a redo. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at I'm so excited to work with this amazing school and meet all the incredible kids. Thank you! Cami Turpin

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