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Schoolwide Team

Jaime Christensen

Executive Director of Academics

Brad Nelson

Executive Director of Finance

Liz Banner

Regional Director South

Christina Guevara

Regional Director North

Krisanne Lewis

Related Services Director

Courtney England

Finance Manager

Lauren Koob


Natalie Miller

Human Resources

Triston Yocom

Payroll Specialist

Steven Meves

Medicaid Coordinator

Kaley King

EdTech/CTE Administrator

Jenna Wood

Assessment Administrator

Amy Baker

Development Coordinator

Heather Dereta

Data Specialist

Laurel Tanner

Compliance Data Specialist

Alex Veater

IT Administrator

NSL High School Team

Christina Guevara

Director of Academics

Andrea Salinas

Administrative Assistant

Kim Misner

Student Services Coord.

McDevan Carling

Transition Coordinator

Chrissy Lewis

Cafeteria Manager

Brandon Yates

Adapted PE

Kalyn Sawyer

Behavior Specialist

Jill Hardy


Charles Pfaff

PE / Movement

Kami Petty

Employment Specialist

Brandi Eggett

SPED Administrator

Curtis Shepherd

Mental Health Specialist

Heather Martinez

Instructional Coach

Mona Agamez

Occupational Therapist

Heather Singleton

Behavior Assistant

Steve Capone Jr.


Kristie Saltzgiver

CTE Culinary

David Allen

Learning Skills

Amanda O'Neal

Employment Specialist

Jeremiah Clark

Assistant Principal

Anna Wiser

SPED Coordinator

Chelsea Champi

Mental Health Specialist

Ashlee Cresswell

Physical Therapist

DeAnne Gillette


Paige Gustafson

Learning Skills

Savannah Hess

Employment Specialist

Lorraine Brighton

Office Manager

Meredith Bird

SPED Assistant

Derrick Trujillo


Mary Burrell

Adaptive PE

Stefie Munk

Behavior Coordinator

Liz Cheney


Jeff Cagle

PE / Health

Allie Brown

Employment Specialist

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