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Schoolwide Team

Jaime Christensen

Executive Director of Academics

Brad Nelson

Executive Director of Finance

Liz Banner

Regional Director South

Christina Guevara

Regional Director North

Krisanne Lewis

Related Services Director

Courtney England

Finance Manager

Lauren Koob


Natalie Miller

Human Resources

Triston Yocom

Payroll Specialist

Steven Meves

Medicaid Coordinator

Kaley King

EdTech/CTE Administrator

Jenna Wood

Assessment Administrator

Amy Baker

Development Coordinator

Heather Dereta

Data Specialist

Laurel Tanner

Compliance Data Specialist

Alex Veater

IT Administrator

PG Secondary Team

Liz Banner

Director of Academics

Cristina Martinez

Office Manager

Kim Misner

Student Services Coord.

Chrissy Lewis

Cafeteria Manager

Andy Bean

Occupational Therapy

Heather Delcamp

Behavior Team

Tami Farrer

MS Core Strats

Kailey Brock

MS Learning Skills

Webster Wong

HS Math (11/12)

Jessee Holcombe

HS Applied English

Kristi Browne

HS Science

Amanda Kemboi

CTE Culinary/PAES Lab

Nate Cullimore

Employment Specialist

Scott Moffatt


Andrea Jensen

Administrative Assistant

Jill Johnson

SpEd Coordinator

Vanessa Nelson

School Nurse

Mary Germaine

Cafeteria Assistant

Ashlee Cresswell

Physical Therapist

Laura Corcoran

Speech Therapy

Toni Curtis

Behavior Team

Paula Kavmark

MS Core Strats

Sharon Power

MS English

Lauren Quednau

HS Math (9/10)

Tyler Cooper

Social Studies

Samantha Sorenson

HS Science

Matthew Kartchner

CTE Yearbook/Web Design

Miguel Javier

CTE Computer Programing

Elayne McArthur

Assistant Principal

Megan Meldrum

Mental Health

Ana Beltran

SpEd Coordinator Asst

Tammy Nielsen

Bus Driver

Jim Germaine

Cafeteria Assistant

Courtney Benner

Occupational Therapy

Natalie Oar

Speech Therapy

Julia Taylor

Testing Specialist

Josh Camp

MS Social Studies

Macey Esquivel

HS Health

Sarah Eggleston

HS English (11/12)

Sarah Amundsen

Social Studies

Jill Ayala

HS Applied Science

Michael Jensen

Spanish / Financial Literature

Colton Pack

CTE Audio/Video

Danielle Webster

HS Learning Skills

Lindsay Andrus

Human Resources

Noelle Gray

Mental Health

Dani Mosley

SpEd Coordinator Asst.

Tristin Beck

Instructional Coach HS

Elsien Larsen

Building Maintenance

Ashlee Cresswell

Physical Therapist

Joe Dixon

Behavior Coordinator

Josh Banner

MS Science

Stacey Sanchez


Ruschelle Lutes

MS Social Skills

Andrew Delcamp

HS Math Essentials

Rebekah Nagata

HS English (9/10)

Gloria Cuevas

Social Studies

Spencer Sanders

HS Transition Planning

Jen Lynsky

Study Hall

Dave Banner

CTE Culinary

Laura Munn

Reading Specialist

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