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Schoolwide Team

Jaime Christensen

Executive Director of Academics

Brad Nelson

Director of Finance & Development

Liz Banner

Director of Academics South

Christina Guevara

Director of Academics North

Krisanne Lewis

Related Services Director

Courtney England

Finance Department Manager

Reatha Sandberg

Finance Deptartment

Kaley King

EdTech/CTE Administrator

Lauren Haslam

Assessment Administrator

Amy Baker

Development Coord.

Heather Dereta

Data Specialist

Natalie Miller

Human Resources


Liz Banner

Director of Academics

Jill Johnson

SpEd Coordinator

Ana Beltran

SpEd Coordinator Asst

Tambra Rasmussen

Occupational Therapy

Betty Fiske

2nd/3rd Grade

Heather Beagley

Middle School

Abby Borgeson

9-10 Grade

Aubrey Whiting


Cynthia Whetten

Office Manager

Kellie Lake

SpEd Coordinator Asst

Cherie Marsh

Speech Therapy

Heather Delcamp

Behavior Specialist

Camille Gregory

1st Grade

Kristi McMickell

2nd/3rd Grade

Chase Madsen

Middle School

Katherine Tantillo

9-12 Grade

Paul Woodworth

Assistant Principal

Jolynn Powell

Instructional Coach

Taylor Tattersall

Speech Therapy

Joe Dixon

Behavior Coordinator

Ember Odom

1st/2nd Grade

Tiffany Millar

6th Grade

Kristi Cook

Middle School

Robert Simkins

9-12 Grade

Lindsay Andrus

Human Resources

Wendy Enfield

Occupational Therapy

Rebecca Scott

Mental Health Specialist

Julia Taylor

Testing Specialist

James Marden

1st-3rd Grade

Christy Bordy

4th-6th Grade

Jamie Parsons

8th-10th Grade

Kim Persons

9-12 Grade

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